Rental Market Rise

According to the data compiled by, the rental market in Spain is up due to the number of enquiries received between January and September to rent a holiday home in Spain in 2016 have increased by 26% if compared with the same period of the previous year.
As usual, tourists from the North of Europe are the first ones to plan their holidays, so the enquiries received through our platform to rent a holiday home in 2016 came from British (48%), Scandinavian (21%), Dutch (13%), German (10%) and French (6%) travellers. What were they enquiring and booking?: a villa on the coast to spend a holiday with the family!
If we compare the enquiries that we had in 2014 of tourists planning their 2015 holidays, we have seen an important general increase (26%), which was more relevant from the British (+46%), Scandinavian (+42%) y Spanish tourist (+40%).
Another outstanding fact is that today, has received as much enquiries as in all 2014. This figure shows once more that a holiday rental is a strong option for travellers coming to Spain.
Comparing the enquiries made in the first nine months of 2015 with the ones received in 2014, an increase was seen from the British (+13%), Dutch (+13,5%), Italian (+11%) and Spanish tourist (+14%).
Source: Holiday Spain